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Find the largest files on your hard drive and delete the ones you don’t need the easy way. With Hard Drive Optimizer, you’ll recover free disk space in no time!

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Step 1

Download HardDriveOptimizer

Download HardDriveOptimizer

Download HardDriveOptimizer to your Windows PC.

Step 2

Scan your network settings

Scan Your Drive

Scan your hard drive or any folder on your computer for large files that are eating up disk space.

Step 3

Speed up Internet connection in one click

Review Large Files

Review the scan results and decide which files you want to keep and which are safe to delete or move.

Step 4

Browser Cleaner

Clean Them Up

Delete large files you no longer need in one click. Just drag & drop them to the dropzone and click “Delete”.

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  • Instantly Find Large Files
  • Built-in Disk Defrag Source
  • Improve Disk Performance & Lifespan

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